Basic Information about Dental Crowns in Lea Hill

dental crowns lea hillHow much do you know about dental crowns in Lea Hill? While the goal is to keep your teeth clean and healthy, dental issues do still occur. Regular and consistent dental visits will help prevent cavities and gum disease, but nothing can guarantee 100% results. Fortunately, there are options available when a tooth is damaged, weakened or decayed. Many professionals use dental crowns to address these issues because they can serve both cosmetic and functional purposes. 

The Basics

Dental crowns are a good way to strengthen teeth that have been damaged or have decayed over time. While some patients opt for tooth removal, a crown is often the better solution.

Root Canals

Your dentist is most likely to recommend the use of a dental crown after a root canal. Often, a temporary crown is provided while a sturdier, permanent crown is made. The crown will protect what’s left of your tooth from trauma and possible damage.

Tooth Cover or Replacement

Like dental implants, crowns prevent the eventual shifting on any remaining teeth. You can ask the professionals working at your dental clinic whether or not a crown is appropriate for your specific situation.

Have Questions about Dental Crowns in Lea Hill?

While the above-mentioned information is helpful, you should speak with a professional for guidance specific to your situation. Contact us at Auburn Periodontics and Implants in Auburn to schedule an initial dental appointment. Our highly-trained team of care providers has provided dental services to the area for many years and always offers expert advice, quality treatment and unparalleled care. From routine cleanings to periodontics, our practice has years of experience helping patients achieve the smile they’ve always wanted.

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