Basic Information about Crown Lengthening in Auburn

crown lengthening auburnCrown lengthening is a relatively common procedure offered by many dentists in Auburn. Patients who don’t have enough tooth available to place a crown or filling sometimes need to have the tooth crown lengthened. Sometimes, patients have their crown or crowns lengthened for aesthetic reasons, usually to remove excess gum tissue around the tooth. This process is a common solution for “gummy” smiles, in which gums come down too far on the teeth and appear disproportionate in size. 

The Basics

The crown lengthening procedure helps to reveal more of your tooth’s crown. This is the part of your tooth right near your gums. Many consider this area to be a prominent part of their smiles. 

About the Procedure

While the crown lengthening procedure is a little more involved than a standard teeth and gumline cleaning, it’s still quite simple. Your dentist will need to move your gums closer to the root of the desired tooth. The process doesn’t take long to complete and is relatively painless.

How It’s Used

In some cases, crown lengthening is used to make a person feel more confident in the way their smile appears. The end result is usually a more symmetrical appearance. In addition to cosmetic purposes, however, dentists may use this procedure to better access decay in a particular tooth. When decay is deep beneath the gums, this may be the best solution for removing it. In these situations, the lengthening is temporary. Additionally, the procedure can be used to save partially fractured teeth from being extracted.

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