Teaching Children Good Habits–Dental Tips for Parents in Puyallup

dental tips for parents puyallup As a parent in Puyallup, you’ll need to be very intentional as you foster good dental habits in your children. Promoting dental health is more than scheduling a teeth and gumline cleaning every six months. It takes consistent work, but the benefits are absolutely worth the effort. The following dental tips for parents can help you teach your children to establish good habits that will assist in cavity prevention.

Start Early

Developing healthy teeth and good dental habits starts before your child ever even sees a dentist. Start by wiping your baby’s mouth out with a moist washcloth to keep gums clean. You can schedule your first dental visit as soon as the first tooth appears.

Keep Regular Appointments

After his or her first appointment, your child should visit the dentist twice a year. While life can get hectic, don’t skip these sessions, because they help to reinforce good dental habits.

Use Toothpaste with Fluoride

Additionally, make sure you choose a toothpaste brand that includes fluoride. This compound strengthens enamel and prevents tooth sensitivity. Your dental clinic probably provides toothpaste samples after each visit.

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Dental Tips for Parents in Puyallup

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