Effective Dental Hygiene in Puyallup: Benefits of Water Flossing

effective dental hygiene puyallupOne way to help maintain effective dental hygiene in Puyallup is by flossing regularly. While brushing your teeth after each meal is a great start, toothbrush bristles can’t reach the areas between each tooth. This often results in more tartar buildup and can make professional tooth and gumline cleanings uncomfortable. Dentists strongly encourage daily flossing to reduce pain and sensitivity. Your cleanings will also be shorter and more comfortable. Traditional flossing materials may not be optimal for everyone, however. Some find water flossing is easier and the results are just as good as traditional flossing, and may be better.

Less Inflammation 

While recommended for effective dental hygiene, traditional flossing can still cause gum irritation, especially at first. Water flossing is the perfect solution for people who experience tenderness or bleeding, as it’s far gentler. 

Cleaner Teeth

String floss is sufficient, but water flossing is optimal for dental hygiene. The water jets penetrate deeper, cleaning away more bacteria and resulting in cleaner teeth overall.

Easier Process

Water flossing is easy to do and takes less time. Because most systems are automated, even small children can complete the process on their own. In most cases, you’ll be done in about one minute. Ask your dentist about water flossing today.

Want to Take Effective Dental Hygiene More Seriously in Puyallup?

Deciding to floss more regularly can be difficult, but it will make a huge difference for your teeth. For more guidance and advice, the highly trained and experienced team at Auburn Periodontics and Implants is here to help. We’ve served residents throughout the region for many years and can assist with all of your dental needs. As a top-rated clinic, we offer a wide variety of superior services, including cleanings, periodontics to dental implants. Contact us today with questions or to schedule an appointment. 

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