Foods that Promote Good Dental Health in Auburn

dental health foods auburnThere’s more to maintaining good dental health than brushing and flossing. While regular teeth and gumline cleanings can help keep your teeth healthier, eating the right foods also matters. You probably already know that consuming a lot of sugary snacks increases your chances of developing cavities, but did you know that some foods actually help keep your teeth shining? Consider adding these dental health foods to your diet.


Drinking a glass of milk after consuming something sugary can promote good dental health. In a pinch, this liquid can actually function as a makeshift mouthwash. It can help wash away acids left behind by snacks.


Your dentist may also recommend eating raisins when craving sweets. Sugar helps bacteria growth, which produces plaque and makes cavities more likely. While raisins are naturally sweet, they don’t contain sugars that are particularly harmful to your teeth. In fact, some compounds in raisins may even help fight gum disease.


You may be able to make trips to your dental clinic less painful by consuming more cranberries. This healthy treat contains polyphenols, which can prevent plaque from sticking to your teeth. The less plaque buildup you have, the more pleasant dental hygiene appointments will be.

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Good Foods for Dental Health in Auburn

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