Expert Oral Grafting and Tissue Regeneration in Auburn, Federal Way, & Puyallup

When bones or gums have deteriorated and are insufficient to hold natural teeth or implants in place, oral grafting and tissue generation can make restorative procedures possible again. The expert and compassionate staff of Auburn Periodontics and Implants are expert in the field of grafting and tissue regeneration and would be delighted to discuss options for your restorative oral health.  Call us today for a preliminary consultation.

Bone Grafting

Bone loss in the jawbone is common when one or more teeth have been lost. The bone around a missing tooth begins to deteriorate when the jaw is not stimulated by tooth use, and over time deterioration in the jawbone can make the placement of dental implants impossible in that area. In such cases, bone grafting can restore the bone structure needed to place a tooth implant.

Guided Tissue Regeneration

oral grafting and tissue regenerationTeeth are held in place by surrounding gums and bone, but periodontal disease can cause the bone to break down. Fortunately, new bone growth can be achieved by using regenerative techniques to increase the height of the bone around the tooth to give it more support. This also increases the amount of attachment around the root of the tooth, allowing the gums to also be restored in that place. Getting back even half of lost bone height can significantly extend the life of a tooth, and the main type of regenerative procedure is called guided tissue regeneration (GTR). The staff at Auburn Periodontics & Implants are expert and highly experienced with this type of oral health regeneration.

Gum Grafting

Gum recession is when the gum line has moved toward the root of the tooth, leaving a larger portion of tooth enamel exposed. One of the most noticeable and damaging results of gum disease, many patients don’t seek treatment because they’re unaware of this issue occurring in their mouth. Gum recessions often happen gradually and aren’t noticeable until symptoms such as sensitivity to extreme temperatures, exposure of the roots, and teeth that appear ‘long’ become severe. Loss of gum tissue surrounding the tooth and its root also very significantly increases the risk of cavities and decay, so it’s important to repair receding gums as soon as possible.

Oral Grafting and Tissue Regeneration IV Sedation

When providing our quality periodontal services, we offer moderate IV sedation. Moderate sedation is an altered state of consciousness wherein memory, anxiety and pain are greatly reduced and you become very relaxed and comfortable. Most people having moderate sedation think they were asleep during the procedure because they don’t remember anything from the time sedation started to the time they left the clinic.

Expert Oral Grafting and Tissue Regeneration in Auburn

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