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Auburn periodonticsThe highly-trained and experienced dental team at Auburn Periodontics & Implants offers exceptional periodontal advice and treatment at our locally-owned and operated Auburn dental clinic. Passionate about creating a personalized treatment plan to meet the exact needs of each patient, just one visit and you’ll understand why so many consider our dental services the best in the area.

What is a Periodontist?

A periodontist is a dentist who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases that destroy the gums and other structures supporting the teeth.  Experts in the placement of dental implants and treatment of oral inflammation, periodontists are often consulted by patients with problematic issues such as severe gum disease, or complex medical conditions that affect how dental care can be provided. From scaling and root planing (cleaning of an infected surface) to root surface debridement (the removal of damaged tissue), to placing, maintaining and repairing dental implants, periodontists use a range of surgical approaches to treat severe gum, bone and teeth problems.

Expert Auburn Periodontics & Implants

The dental staff at Auburn Periodontics and Implants utilize the very latest methods and technologies to provide truly superior periodontal services. During your first appointment, our periodontist will thoroughly review your dental and medical history, examine your gums, bone and teeth, assess how your teeth fit together when biting, and identify any loose or problematic teeth. Measurements of the depth between your teeth and gums will also be taken, and X-rays and other imaging will be used to fully document your current oral health.

Moderate IV Sedation Available

When providing our quality periodontal services, we offer moderate IV sedation. Moderate sedation is an altered state of consciousness wherein memory, anxiety and pain are greatly reduced and you become very relaxed and comfortable. Most people having moderate sedation think they were asleep during the procedure because they don’t remember anything from the time sedation started to the time they left the clinic.

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